Contemplative Life Welcomes You to our New Blog

As our community of followers who are on this continual journey to live a more contemplative life continues to grow, we thought a blog might be a wonderful source to share readings, questions, resources and thoughts.

I’ve been reading the first book of Thomas Merton’s Bridges to Contemplative Living – Advent and Christmas and found myself drawn to the question that is addressed early on in the book, “What do we mean by contemplative living?”

Life is a spiritual journey.  Contemplative living is a way of responding to our everyday experiences by consciously attending to our relationships.  It deepens our awareness of our connectedness and communion with others, becomes a positive force of change in our lives, and provides meaningful direction to our journey.  Ultimately, contemplative living leads us to a sense of well being, profound gratitude and a clearer understanding of our purpose in life.

Living contemplatively begins with ourselves but leads us in the end to embrace deeply not only our truest self, but God, neighbor, and all creation.  By reflecting on our everyday experiences, we seek the depths of our inner truth.  By exploring our beliefs, illusions, attitudes and assumptions, we find our true self and discover how we relate to the larger community.  Contemplative living directs our minds and hearts to the truly important issues of human existence, making us less likely to be captivated by the superficial distractions that so easily occupy our time.

Especially at this time of the year, it is so easy to get caught up with superficial distractions.  How do you face living a contemplative life with all the demands that are brought on in December or for that matter any other time of the year?

This Advent we have the opportunity to experience an “unworldly interior peace,” which is found in Christ. It begins by creating space for God to enter our lives. This is really what Advent is all about. It is a season of anticipation and waiting on God, a time for focused spiritual discipline. (Thomas Merton)

As you begin this new season, our hope is that you too will experience an “unworldly interior peace.”

This blog is meant to be interactive so we’d love to hear from you. Your comments, questions, sharing of resources….




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4 Responses to Contemplative Life Welcomes You to our New Blog

  1. Karen Wood says:

    Just discovered this blog when a friend sent me a link to your website. Thank you for this tremendously rich website resource on meditation/contemplation. Deeply appreciate your blog post. Look forward to more …

    Would like to share a meditation musing as “gift” during this holiday time. It’s entitled “The Space Within”:

    The space within cannot contain
    All the Love You hold out for me,
    Sweet Lord and Lover of my Soul!

    I expand until ready to burst,
    Hoping to somehow fill myself
    With Your great Love.

    Yet there is ever More.

    I draw in Love.
    I exhale Love.
    I eat and drink Love.

    I imagine Love in the most fanciful places.
    I sometimes think I see Love
    Even in the darkness.

    Even when I sleep,
    I find myself
    Sometimes dreaming Love.

    Oh, sweet, mysterious Love!
    Love me until I cannot draw in another moment!
    Or exhale another piece of You!

    Love me until I can no longer imagine You!
    Or see You in the darkness!

    Love me until I no longer can eat or drink You
    When I feast or fast!

    Love me until there is nothing left to Love
    But You and You Alone!

    Love me until I have learned
    That the Space Within
    Is All there is ~
    And it is Only Love.

    ~ by Karen Wood

  2. Anne says:

    I came to this blog by way of the WCCM Weekly Teaching that is emailed to me each week.
    I first met Fr. Laurence in May 2008 when I attended a wonderful retreat that he gave and have been following his teaching and joined the WCCM and started a Meditation Group here at home. I’ve always enjoyed the weekly teachings and audio and was surprised that Richard Rohr’s talks and writings have now been included.
    I find he does have some pearls of wisdom, but to be honest, I much prefer listening to Fr. Laurence.
    To me, it feels like he comes from a much deeper, much more humble place.
    That is my experience.
    thank you for what you are doing to raise inner consciousness in the minds and hearts of spiritual seekers.
    Peace, Shalom, and Blessings.

  3. admin says:

    Thank you for your comments. For the next 6 weeks or so, we will be featuring Richard Rohr audio entitled, “A Lever and a Place to Stand.” But we will certainly include Father Laurence again. Where did you start a meditation group? How often do you meet? Do you use the Weekly Readings as a starter for your group?

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